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Why Outsourcing Your Office Wood Refinishing is a Smart Choice

Why Outsourcing Your Office Wood Refinishing is a Smart Choice

Your office likely contains some wood décor. If you are located in a stately, period building you may have wood trim, panelling and stair banisters that add flourish to your brand image. At the very least, you likely have an impressive wood boardroom table. Wooden coffee tables, end tables and chairs may also be part of your reception area. Quality wood provides an old-world, luxury brand statement. It is imperative that those elements remain in impeccable condition.

Solid wood furniture is a huge investment financially. advertises a large boardroom table (29” x 144” x 48”) for $6599.99. A solid pine coffee table is offered at $515.99. 10.8 square feet of red oak wainscoting at Home retails for $37.49. Installation would greatly increase that price. Although providing a stately image, wood is subject to a number of fallibilities:

  • scratches
  • fading
  • heat marks often from hot beverages
  • water damage

Wood is meant to last but damaged wood elements detract from a positive brand image. However, as the above figures show, replacing worn wood furniture and accents is extremely expensive and becomes more so if the wood elements in question are antique. As well, replacing unique wood features may be quite impossible without detracting from the overall office image.

So, what to do when your wood features become old and tired looking or damaged? You could make the attempt to rejuvenate those damaged wood elements yourself. However, consider the following. Repairing and rejuvenating wood requires a number of time-consuming steps:

  • stripping old paint or stain
  • sanding the wood
  • restoring original wood
  • repairing scratches, cracks, dents
  • applying new stain or paint

Seems a more daunting task now doesn't it? In addition, there are a number of equipment pieces that must be rented or bought to complete the above tasks:

  • sanders
  • sanding pads
  • wood finishes
  • wtain and/or paint
  • polishers

Buying the equipment can be costly and it must be maintained which also takes time and capital away from your bottom line. Let’s not forget that there is skill involved in the proper restoration of quality wood products. Likely it is a skill set not found within your company.

The repair of wood surfaces and color-matching of stain/paint takes a great deal of care and precision. You want everything in your office building to be pristine for clients. High-quality wood furniture, accents and structural features can look fantastic in a reception area or office space. It is prudent to outsource wood refinishing. Hiring an expert will keep your wood features from looking shabby and damaged. A wood refinishing expert will ensure those features will remain reflective of your strong brand image.

When looking for professional wood refinishing services look for the following:

  1. A company that understands your business' culture. For example, the wrong finish on your wood element could stick out like a sore thumb detracting from your brand image. You want a company that will work closely with you to ensure their refinishing job is compatible with your brand image.
  2. Ensure the company can complete the refinishing according to your schedule.
  3. Ensure the company specializes in the refinishing services you require. Not all wood refinishers are qualified for fine detail work or antique restoration. Not all hardwood floor restorers are capable of repairing wood furniture.
  4. Ensure the company can do the job right at a price that is competitive. Do your research and hire from a trusted company. Many commercial maintenance companies also have additional services they provide. If you already have a trusted company you deal with in that regard, check to see if they provide the wood restoration services you need.

Wood refinishing if done improperly without care to your company image can adversely affect brand perception of customers, clients and guests. Your bottom line will be significantly impacted. Saving money by cutting corners either by completing the wood refinishing in-house or by hiring the cheapest contractor will result in lost revenue over the long term. Think smart, think long-term and do your research. Outsource your wood refinishing to a trusted company who can do the job right and maintain your trusted brand image. Your bottom line will thank you.

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