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Specialty Blind & Solar Shade Supply & Cleaning

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is of major importance in office buildings today. Blinds and solar shades are major collectors of dust and dirt and require special care and maintenance.

Ultrasonic technology

Keeping blinds clean is a painstaking task. For blinds that are not dusted on a regular basis, simply dusting or wiping just moves accumulated dirt and dust around, creating a static charge that attracts more dirt and dust. A vicious cycle.

We use an ultrasonic cleaning process that effectively removes years of dust, dirt, nicotine, grease and other pollutants from all parts of the blind, including vanes, ladders and cords. This process sanitizes, deodorizes and restores them to their original brilliance.

Regular blind and solar shade cleaning will increase their longevity (saving on replacement costs) and help to provide a healthier work environment for your employees.

Sales and installation

Need some older blinds replaced? We also sell and install high quality blinds and solar shades...and maintain them too!

We wanted to send you this letter of appreciation and thank-you for the excellent service you have provided to our company over the last four years. Regularly scheduled cleaning is always confirmed ahead of time by your staff. We would like to thank you for coming to do a follow up to ensure that your staff has done a good job.
Gail Curtis
Bain & Company
Bain & Company