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Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Your office carpets represent a significant investment. Extending their life through regular cleaning and maintenance makes for a healthier bottom line...and a healthier office!

Our superior commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance program will keep your carpets looking like new long past the average life of a carpet that is not regularly maintained. Some of our clients have doubled the life of their carpets through our regular maintenance program.

We personally inspect every carpet cleaning service the next day to ensure your 100% satisfaction. If anything was missed, we'll find it first and have a team arranged to fix it.

Our commercial cleaning programs are suitable for all carpet types, including woven, needle felt, knotted, tufted and flat weave. We will sanitize and clean your carpets quickly and efficiently, combating even the dirt you can’t see, including allergy-causing dust mites, salmonella and other bacteria.

Our deep extraction cleaning method - commonly called steam cleaning or hot water extraction - is the most effective method available and the one highly recommended by carpet manufacturers. Depending on traffic, it is recommended to use this method of cleaning at least once to four times a year.

We use a range of professional cleaning methods to ensure we can reach even the toughest spaces.

Ernesto [Garcia] works for Corporate Specialty Services. He continually goes above and beyond his paid duties for PWA. He not only accepts our special and emergency requests but also voluntarily takes on tasks that save our agency money because he understands our commitment to our clients and how PWA values our welcoming and healing space for all.
Richard Durk, Director, Finance & Admin
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Toronto People With AIDS Foundation