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Keeping your office
squeeky clean

Janitorial Services

Maintaining proper hygiene in your office facilities day-to-day is critical and a clean environment goes a long way to ensuring employee and customer satisfaction. We will customize a janitorial cleaning program to suit your needs - and intensify or reduce as required.

To ensure 100% client satisfaction, we do regular walk-through inspections and periodically enquire about changing or additional needs.

Corporate Specialty Services specializes in commercial cleaning contracts, ensuring you receive the most thorough, detailed cleaning available.

We provide all equipment and cleaning supplies and have eco-friendly cleaning products to suit your requirements.

Ernesto [Garcia] works for Corporate Specialty Services. He continually goes above and beyond his paid duties for PWA. He not only accepts our special and emergency requests but also voluntarily takes on tasks that save our agency money because he understands our commitment to our clients and how PWA values our welcoming and healing space for all.
Richard Durk, Director, Finance & Admin
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation